Human Relations

Human Relations

A new set of online tools and resources seeks to empower educators to improve the school experience for children of color.  The Teaching Diverse Students Initiative offers free online tools to help educators improve their skills in working across lines of race and ethnicity.  Resources include: case studies, learning activities, tools for understanding the influence of race, and videos featuring Linda Darling-Hammond, Geneva Gay, Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Luis Moll, Sonia Nieto, Jeannie Oakes, Mica Pollock and other leading scholars.  There are also links to a wealth of scholarship on effective teaching and school practices that are particularly relevant to racially and ethnically diverse students.  Discussion boards are available to explore your experiences with peers.  TDSi is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center and is published in partnership with the National Education Association and the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education.  To access the resources available through Teaching Diverse Students Initiative, visit

Preventing Bullying:

As part of a national campaign to help bullied students, NEA has created the anti-bulling website, “Bully Free: It Starts With Me.”  To take the Bully Free pledge and find anti-bullying resources, check out

Check out the May/June 2011 neatoday for the “rightswatch” article on confronting bullies.  According to the article, “You can be sued personally for money damages if you witness instances of bullying and harassment and fail to act.”


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