Member Benefits

Classified and certificate staff can register on the website below to view, save, or print paychecks/electronic deposit statements and taxes.  We can choose to register just to be able to see/print statements online or to request that they do not send a copy to the district any longer.  The beauty of it is that we can have access to them before the 1st of the month.

Employee self service site User Guide 1-21-09_PDF

Membership does have it’s benefits.  Aside from the representation on a local, state and federal level, you are a member of a very large organization which has used it’s connections to bring savings opportunities to all of our members.  Here are some of the ways you can save you and your family money.

CTA Volunteer Group Life/Disability Coverage:

Everyday Living:

NEW: Restaurant Discount Directory!

NEA Click and Save

NEA Magazine Service


Verizon Wireless

Discounts and Travel:

Entertainment Ticket Savings

Auto Rentals and Purchase

Travel Discounts

NEA Member Benefits Travel Savers Newsletter

Costco Memberships

Insurance Programs:

Life & Disability Insurance

Auto & Home Insurance

Health and Wellness:

Vision Discount Program for Retired Members

Long Term Care Program

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