A.C.T. Policies and Forms

Below are our associations governing documents and necessary forms.

Announcement/Notification of Election for A.C.T. President

Declaration of Candidacy for A.C.T. Executive Board Office – President

Revised Announcement ACT Officers Election Timelines 2017-2019

Revised Declaration of Candidacy for ACT Executive Board Office 2017-2019

Revised Announcement ACT State Council ALTERNATE Election TIMELINES 2017-2019 

Revised Declaration of Candidacy for State Council ALTERNATE Election 2017-2019


State and Local Delegate Announcement with Timelines

Declaration of Candidacy Local Delegate 2017 RA form


BLANK Sign In Sheet

Teachers hard at work.placecard

Super Rep Criteria


Transcript Deadlines and Effective Dates p1

Transcript Deadlines and Effective Dates p2


Lybarger-Admonition-5th-amendment-right form

Membership ltr to agency feepayers

A.C.T. Table of Contents Bylaws

A.C.T. Bylaws- REVISED 4/5/11

A.C.T. Table of Contents Standing Rules

A.C.T. Standing.Rules

APPENDIX A Expense & Credit Card Policy

APPENDIX B Recommendation Procedure

APPENDIX C Waiver Form

APPENDIX D Exp Form page 1

APPENDIX D Form page 2

APPENDIX E Secretary Position