The TA for the 2015 – 2016 school year



#01 March 01 Bargaining Update

#02 April 10 Bargaining Update

#03 April 27 Bargaining Update

#04 May 23 Bargaining Update


The District has made the decision to open Article 17 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (our contract). As bargaining session occur between our bargaining team and the District’s bargaining team, updates will be posted here.


  • 10-22-15
    (((District proposal)))
    Your bargaining team met with the district on October 22, 2015. The district brought forth new language for evaluations, as well as changes to current language on sick leave. The district team had assured ACT at the last session that they would also bring forth numbers to discuss Salary and Benefits, but unfortunately they do not have any desire to discuss Article 17 (Salary and Benefits) at this time.
    Evaluation Language
    The district would like to add the following language to our current evaluation language:
    • Teachers will need to demonstrate student progress in academic content standards as evidenced by result from multiple performance measures
    You might be asking yourself, “What performance measures would the district like to include?” Here is a short list of performance measures that the district would like to use in the evaluation of our unit members:
    • State adopted criterion referenced data
    • Cohort data
    • Periodic assessment data
    • ELL progress and reclassification rates
    • Pre and Post test data from Units of Studies
    • Attendance Rates
    • Class grades and percentage of passing students
    • A-G course enrollment and passage rates
    • Diagnostic tests to show progress towards IEP goals
    • Teacher initiated data and other school wide data
    The association has been asking the district to develop a new growth model evaluation for close to a year, yet this is what they present to us-with ZERO consultation.
    Article #17 (Salary and Benefits)
    A little less then two years ago, Dr. Enfield and Mr. Joseph introduced their new vision for the district in front of many local dignitaries. It was a revolutionary concept that placed “Students First” at the top of the pyramid. Dr. Enfield then stated that the number one most influential factor in the success of a student is the teacher. Yet EVERY subsequent action and expense by the district has shown us that their actual vision is a “Program First” model.
    Their priorities and spending patterns have sent a clear statement to ACT. The district has spent all of their money on their priority programs. Once again, they have placed their employee groups’ needs and concerns at the bottom of the pyramid. The programs that they are purchasing are only as good as the teachers that teach them. We believe they should address teacher concerns and get their input from the teachers before they continue to purchase and implement these programs.
    The bargaining team needs your UNITED and ORGANIZED support to reach a fair and equitable agreement.
    Our next scheduled meeting with the district will be November 9th, 2015.
    Susie Hofmann—Bargaining Chair
    Kelly Larned and Sheri Hamblin – Members
    Todd Hancock—President
  • 11/9/15
    (((ACT proposal)))
    On Monday, November 9, 2015, the bargaining team met with the district’s bargaining team for another round of negotiations. In light of the lawsuit, Doe vs. Antioch, ACT proposed counter-language to the district’s proposal on using assessments in evaluations.
    ACT’s proposal:
    > rejected all the district’s proposed language
    > proposed language that meets the requirements of the lawsuit, yet is fair and equitable to our members
    > proposed an increase to the salary schedule
    > proposed an increase to the benefits cap
    ACT also asked for clarification to the district’s definition of sick leave in their recent proposal.
    ACT has 2 more dates scheduled for negotiations – November 30th and December 8th.Susie Hofmann—Bargaining Chair
    Kelly Larned and Sheri Hamblin – Members
    Todd Hancock—President
  • February 12th
    (((ACT proposal)))
    On Wednesday, February 10th your Bargaining Team met with the District for another round of bargaining. ACT presented a proposal that showed movement toward reaching agreement on nurse evaluations, and language on leaves. The nurse’s evaluation language has moved from an MOU to become part of the contract, and in accordance with a new law, sick leave may be used for doctor’s appointments and/or care of immediate family and household members.To counter the district’s offer of a one-time, off-schedule payment (bonus) of 3%, ACT proposed a 5% increase to the salary schedule retroactive to July 2015. The district stated that they don’t have the money for an ongoing adjustment to the salary schedule. District programs, books, and consultant costs for professional development are their priority.The district’s budget reflects that nowhere is there a line item for ongoing bargaining unit salary increases although many other items have been increased since the introduction of the LCAP and LCFF. Money for books, supplies, and programs have all been increased. No money has been set aside to make good on the promise made at last year’s negotiations of coming back to the table this year to talk of a salary increase in 2015-2016.Our next bargaining session is scheduled for March 15th. The district team has grown to 6 members, and with our 4, it’s hard to find a date that works for 10 people.On the 15th, the district will bring their counter proposal. They’ve stated that there will be very little change in the language they are seeking on evaluations and salary.Susie Hofmann, Bargaining Chair
    Kelly Larned
    Sheri Hamblin
    Susana Salas, CTA
    Todd Hancock, President
  • On March 15th, ACT and the District met for another round of negotiations. The district’s proposal contained few changes. The district is still looking to add language on evaluations, and add another bullet point about using assessment to Standard 5 on the evaluation rubric. There were changes to specific words from previous proposals, but no real movement. The one constant was the offer of a one-time, off-schedule payment at 3%.
  • The Association and the district met on Friday, April 22 to continue negotiations for the 2015-16 school year. We are pleased to report that there was positive movement towards a future TA during our session. At this point, we are unable to discuss specifics, but we are hopeful that we will continue this positive movement in our next session scheduled for May 3rd. We appreciate all of your support and thank you for your patience as we try to wrap up this round of bargaining.
  • May 10, 2016 – Today your bargaining team met with the district for another round of bargaining.  Although the district came to the table with no proposal, there were hours of negotiating. ACT offered several possible considerations for the district to take back to its constituents (the school board and Mr. Joseph). The district was directed to bring a written proposal to the table at our next session on Thursday, May 12th. Presently, the current proposals contain the district at a one-time 3% off schedule “bonus”, and ACT has proposed a 5% increase on salary with a $2000 add to the benefit cap.  Once we have their proposal in writing, we will update you on more specific details of changes, if any.
    • 2% adjustment to the salary schedule effective July 1, 2016
    • 1% off-schedule payment for the 2015-2016 with certain terms and conditions depending upon employment status of unit member during the 2015-2016 school year.
    • Health and Welfare…status quoBargaining Update 5-12-16.  The Association and the district met on Thursday, May 12th to continue bargaining the 2015-16 contract. The district brought forth their proposal and unfortunately we were unable to reach an agreement. It appeared as if the district pulled away from areas of potential movement that we had been discussing over the last 2-3 sessions.  They decided to take a hard stance that clearly suggests either the association just do it our way or you’re out of luck.  It was another long day yesterday and your bargaining team will all be in the classroom teaching today as well. We will get out a detailed update with potential future actions as soon as time permits. Thank you for your continued efforts to support your bargaining team. The “blackout” yesterday was noticed and greatly appreciated.  More detail from 5-12-16, the district presented its Proposal #5 to the Associated Chino Teachers Bargaining Team.   This proposal was different than previous proposals  having left out some significant previously agreed upon language on evaluations for nurses and counselors and the inclusion of Standard 6 in the current evaluation. The following language was left in, however:
      • proposed language changes on using assessments as part of the evaluation with a corresponding rubric
      • agreed language on Safe School Procedure committees
      • new language on how and when a unit member can use sick leave (this is more lenient than the past)
      • striking out incorrect Board Policies numbers listed in the current contract

       Changes to the district’s offer included a 3% compensation package as follows:
      The compensation was tied to an indefinite MOU for an alternatively bargaining Grade Span Adjustment (class size).

  • On Thursday, June 16, 2016, the negotiations teams from ACT and CVUSD came to an agreement on the 3rd year (2015-2016) of a 3-year contract (2013-2016). This final year took more than a year of give and take from both sides, and finally after a last ditch effort and 5.5 hours at the table, a deal was struck that has benefits to both parties, and without infringing on the rights of ACT unit members.

    Negotiation is a give and take by definition, and the ability to compromise is an art form of sorts – like a dance that has many moves, and can change tempo throughout. When both partners end the dance, they must feel that each achieved what they set out to do. One dance partner does not “win”, while the other “loses”. They are in the dance together, and if one falls, the other shall be brought down with them. When both succeed at their goal (completing the dance successfully with no injuries), well, that is bargaining at its best.

    Parts of the dance:

    Language Issues –

    CVUSD was brought into a lawsuit because the ACT Contract Article stated that, “Results of any tests utilized for measuring progress toward the fulfillment of goals set forth in the Single School Plan,” could NOT be used during the evaluation process. CVUSD needed this removed. They proposed all sorts of new language on using assessments along with an addition to the current rubric that included how test scores would be used to rate a teacher.

    In the end – we removed the article language from (it keeps ACT out of the lawsuit), but did not agree to any additional language to be added to the existing evaluation rubric. Test scores will still only be used to guide instruction.

    CVUSD also wanted an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on class-size, Grade Span Adjustment (GSA), to be put in place in perpetuity…forever. We have been willing to give this GSA language for limited terms, and the district has kept their word on lowering K-3 class sizes. The language allows them to fall back on the numbers in our contract without losing the GSA money, or having to pay it back if they go over the average of 26 to 1 (current year). This language benefits all…but FOREVER???….NO. ACT was willing to give 3 years, but in the end – we compromised at 5 years on the GSA MOU.

    There were other minor language changes like removing “Subfinder”, cleaning up some Board Policy numbers, and some grammatical clean-up.

    Another significant change is a benefit to all – sick leave can now be used for the, “… diagnosis, care, or treatment of an existing health condition of, or preventative care, for the employee or an employees family member, or an employee who is a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.”

     ACT wanted unit members to have more of a voice during their pre-observation conference. Therefore, new language in Article 8 states that the evaluator and unit member will mutually establish common goals to support professional growth.

     Another benefit for our members is that now our nurses will have their own evaluation forms as part of the contract. Up until recently, nurses were evaluated using the teacher evaluation forms.

    The counselors will also be getting their own forms, but that is being worked on as an MOU and Pilot Program outside of this current contract.

    Finally…the “freestyle” portion of the dance…

    ACT wanted an increase to the salary schedule. CVUSD did not want an increase.

    ACT waited for CVUSD’s offer…and waited,…and waited.   Finally a very generous offer of 0% came. We countered with 5% and $2000 added to benefits.

    Then, because CVUSD wanted the aforementioned additional evaluation language, we were offered a 3% one-time bonus. We countered with 5% and $2000. (In essence, they moved…we didn’t.)

    Over the course of negotiations, “numbers” get morphed into figures that work for both parties – both parties need to move toward each other – negotiation, bargaining, give and take, compromise.   This is what was done after hours and hours at the table.

    After already receiving a 7% increase plus a 1% off-schedule payment during the first 2 years of the 2013-2016 contract period, ACT will additionally receive:

    3% increase to the salary schedule effective July 1st, 2016

    2.5% off-schedule one-time (BONUS) payment retro back to July 1, 2015*

    $500 added to the Health benefit cap bringing it up to $7,644. 

    These numbers bring the total increases to the salary schedule for the duration of the 2013-2016 contract to a double-digit increase of 10%, 3.5% in one-time payments, and a $500 increase to health benefits.   This is one of the highest salary increases in the area when compared to school districts with similar statistics!

    Next steps:

    Executive Board votes to accept/deny TA

    Postcards will be sent to explain voting timelines

    Unit members vote to ratify/deny TA

    CVUSD sends TA to county to ratify

    School Board votes to accept/deny TA

    Thank you for your support!

    Susie Hofmann, Bargaining Chair

    Kelly Larned, Member

    Sheri Hamblin, Member

    Susana Salas, CTA

    *Bonus check has a qualifier stating that only unit members who were in paid status between October 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015, will receive the off-schedule payment.

  • Results of the TA Ratification.