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Organizing Committee

                         Committee Chairperson:  

                                 Steven Frazer


Candida Celaya, Lisa Garcia

Our goal is to constantly be prepared. This committe meets to continually organize around the most pertinent issues affecting our school sites. We build coalitions with parents and community to develop reforms that prioritize public education, public health, and human services. We constantly survey and engage our members in order to address long-term funding problems and ensure we always have our "finger on the pulse" of our ACT members. We strive to increase our union power and are devoted to promoting solidarity. 

Please join the organizing committee by emailing

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October 2022 Update

We showed The District that our educators deserve to be elevated.


Now, we elevate our students by shifting our focus to the school board elections of our ACT-endorsed candidates, Lisa Greathouse and Christina Gagnier. 


The organizing committee is also preparing to deploy our site visit program. This will inform our executive board of pertinent site issues as ACT prepares to begin the next cycle of bargaining. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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