Membership does have it’s benefits.  Aside from the representation on a local, state and federal level, you are a member of a very large organization which has used it’s connections to bring savings opportunities to all of our members.  In addition, ACT offers student scholarships, and is a key member in negotiating health benefits for all members. Check out the sub-pages for all the details.

Classified and certificate staff can register on the website below to view, save, or print paychecks/electronic deposit statements and taxes.  We can choose to register just to be able to see/print statements online or to request that they do not send a copy to the district any longer.  The beauty of it is that we can have access to them before the 1st of the month.

Employee self service site User Guide 1-21-09_PDF

Health and Wellness:

Vision Discount Program for Retired Members

Long Term Care Program