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CVUSD's TECH DEPARTMENT schedules trainings at the district, or, if there is a group of 4 or more people, we will go to the site for the training.  


There are 4 technology training specialists:  

Kim James ext. 1681 

Karyn Fillhart ext. 1682 

Stephanie Portillo ext. 1683 

Robert Jewett ext. 1684 


The trainers can be found in room 503, a modular behind the Business Building and along the east parking lot. 


NEW TO 2021! You can now call the tech trainers at ext. 1600 which goes to all 4 lines.  


Skype or email is the best way to contact us in case we are at a school site or in a training. You can email all 4 of us at once using this email address:   Also, we'd love to have you join the closed Facebook (open to ALL CVUSD STAFF) at Chino Valley (Tech Trainers)

Look at this 

Professional Development occurs throughout the year. Please check back for future events. 

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